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altar boy

Happy Easter, late... (but technically it is still Easter in the Christian calendar. ^^)

The lighting is my room is terrible.

Revitalized - DIM Persia

Carbrey (as I'm now calling him) has been reborn, thanks to the aesthetic work of Mayo-chan from DoA. There are still some engineering issues with his cranky old body I need to work out, but I'm loving his cold and delicate look. I'm very happy this guy's finally presentable, at least.

Carbrey Coverly-Stuart
Scientist, workaholic, insomniac


"No, I don't feel like going out tonight. When do I ever feel like going out?"

W/Soom eyes and Crobidoll wig.



It lives!

Ooof, I can't believe it's been over a month since I've been seriously internetting. Long story short my main computer died and I was left with a netbook that can't connect to the school's connection, then hit with a tsunami of schoolwork. This left me in the terrible position of being able to complete and type up my assignments, but not to surf the web 12 hours a day (<-- possibly a hyperbole. :P) I was so busy I didn't have time to take my computer to the university's tech support; then, when I did, they couldn't find anything wrong with the hardware and I just ended up reinstalling Windows myself. Everything important  was backed up. It was mentally cleansing to get away from the internet for a while, I'll admit. Now I have a term paper deadline coming up plus serious cramming for finals, so I'm going to try and ration myself.

During that time my Customhouse order finally arrived. I only waited four months when people were complaining about much longer times on DoA, so I was mildly surprised. The Greeklings are here: Agathon and Menon (CH Little Junior Jupiter and Mars), now haunting my desk. Pictures will happen when they have better clothes than Asher's polo shirts.

On the theme of cleaning, I'm also doing a drastic cut of my collection. I sold Percy (DIM Aleksei) and it was entirely not heartrending. Next I'm going to sell Madeline (Angelsdoll Camelia) who I never bonded with, the Dragondoll body that's the wrong color, and the DIM Persia that is damaged and which I'll never have time to fix up. I hope I can find buyers for  these unpopular (or "sparsely represented") dolls, but I'm willing to be patient and take a loss if necessary. The important things are to clear some space in my wardrobe, and recoup a little cash.

One thing that is making the selling so easy is the breakthrough I've had in my writing. I was always a little reluctant to work on the "story" that Percy and Ben were part of, because it was an alternate version of a story that I am I trying to write as conventional novel and hopefully someday publish. I was worried that either it would give too much away from the novel, or that it would go in such a completely different direction that it would distract me from or contaminate the story of the novel. During my internet fast I had a burst of inspiration, still flowing, and I have a realistic plan for the project and a true sense of where it's going. I no longer find the doll version of the story interesting or necessary, and have no energy left to spend on developing it anyway. The dolls are now free to be just dolls, or for me to develop a new, flexible story without worrying about "dollifying" all the characters. The thing is, I don't want to buy a doll because I need a shell for a character. The dolls I like the most are those whose sculpts I fell in love with first. Doing it the other way round may work for some people, but for me it's constricting my imagination and cluttering my bedsit with unloved resin.

(I am not completely unsentimental about my dolls, though. I've realized again how fond I am of Benedict. He's the doll I'd still lavish attention on if I had to chose just one. Here's a picture of the shirt and swag he got from his secret Santa:


Lady Saiyuki

Thought I'd put this here... Some of you may have seen the announcement by Asleep Eidolon that Lady Saiyuki's new doll sculpt is a copy of their work. The head has been proven to be a copy of AE Pear: here is the announcement at Mint on Card, the dealer where she ordered the AE doll. The body may also incorporate part of the Dollmore Kid body. This website has a good summary of all the evidence is anyone is interested. The Lady Saiyuki doll in question, Serenity, has been banned by Den of Angels.

This is sad, because Lady Saiyuki is talented enough to make dolls that so many people like. At the same time, I'm pretty amazed at how fast -- and how knowledgeable -- the fandom has been in responding. The fandom certainly watches out for itself.


Asher all together (Crobidoll Thor)

Look whose body arrived today...

Quickie profile!
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Asher's head is here... Crobidoll Thor

I woke up this morning to my mom dropping a box on my head. She seemed amazed that she'd had to sign for it twice. EMS parcels are a big event in rural New England, sadly. Crobidoll resin is really nice... it's always cool to see something IRL that you've been lusting after from the webpage, and even better to be pleasantly surprised.

Asher's going to be the "happy" character to balance out Gilbert and Joey, and if my doll plans pan out (hahahaha, "plans"), the last human and second to last SD sized boy in my group. (For a while, at least ^^;;)  I really hope his body comes before I have to go back to school next week. I'm planning to put him on a 1st gen. B&G body because I want him to be a little shortie. His eyes and clothing are also en route, just a few things I ordered from Mint on Card.

Lately, I'm really loving on Super Dollfie Cutes since I saw a few listed in the DoA marketplace. Not enough to rush out and buy one, but eee. For some reason I find their facial sculpts to be a lot more appealing than most Volks MSDs... to the point where even with their default faceups SDCs don't look horridly bland. (Wow!) Here's some eye candy of SDC Renee and SDC Kaede, my two favorites.


2010 Doll Resolutions

Happy New Years! I've been thinking a bit more about my approach to the doll hobby, which I've only been involved in for about a year and a half now. In that time my tastes and plans have changed very dramatically.  My resolutions for the next year are mainly to streamline my collection and work on the dolls I have now:

1. Work on my DIM Persia
. I have a DIM Persia I purchased off the DoA marketplace some months ago. It's an adorable sculpt, but the doll really needs a some restoration work. On the plus side, while he's been sitting in his box I've finally figured out who he is. He's going to be Joey, the grownup version of Benedict. Now that I've figured it out I'm really excited about starting the restoration.

2. Sell off stuff I don't need. Self-explanatory!

3. Rehome Madeline.  I have tried and failed to "bond", I'm just not interested in SD girls and she's not part of my current storyline. I may also put up a feeler for Percy, since my interest in MSDs is now diminished as well. : /

4. Work on the story.  This will be fun. I've started writing Gilbert's backstory and doing loads of sketches. I'd like to start using my DA account more to share my work. I'd also like to do a mini-manga about Joey/Gilbert/Asher and start trying to do photostories with my dolls as well.

Christmas Card

To all my lj friends and anyone else who happens to be reading ^^

This is Pia in her current outfit/wig/eyes. I miss her! She's packed away in a box in my room in the UK, and I'm in the US at my parent's house. Gilbert is here to keep me company. And I also have gone ahead and ordered a Crobidoll Thor head. eheh. I hope everyone is having a happy holiday season!


yellow eyes

Fooling around with Photoshop.